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Round and Domed Aluminum Slug, Extrued Aluminium Alloy Slug

Round and Domed Aluminum Slug, Extrued Aluminium Alloy Slug
Price: US $ 2000-2500/Ton
Trade Terms: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min Order: 1/Ton
Pay Type: L/C,T/T

Product Name :Aluminium Slug ,Aluminium Circle, Aluminum Slug

Product Application:
By the advanced impact extrusion technology, we can manufacture the products such as aluminum bottle, aluminum cover, aerosol can, collapsible tube.,etc.These products are widely used in cosmetics packaging, electronics, medical, food and automotive industries.

Product Features:
a.Customized in Shape and Size at your choice;
b.Good flexibility and tractility, corrosion proof well, and attractive appearance;
c.Excellent Quality In accordance with European Standard EN570/573;
d.SGS and REACH compliance.

Product Range:
a. Product Specifications:

Product Name
Aluminum Slug107099.70%16-20 HB2-256-140±0.05

Annealing temper is:450 to 480 centigrade, time is: 8 to 12 hours

b. Chemical Composition (%):
AlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnCaVTiOtherMin Al

Product Shape:
Shape: Round, Oval, Column, Rectangle
Surface Shape: With or without hole, Flat, Concave(Domed), Conical
Surface Technology:Tumbling or Shot-Blasting

Our Equipment:
Our Main machinery includes : smelting furnace, rod drawing machine, saw cutting line, tension-extrusion machine, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, stamping and finishing lines, annealing line, selection and packaging line.,etc.Every process in strict accordance with the work instruction. Our company is capable to design and develop the mould tooling so as to shorten the new product development cycle and to control accuracy of profile dimensions in view of making our utmost efforts to meet customer demand.

Product Process:
Smelting is one of the basic process during which the raw aluminum ingot is transformed from solid to liquid at 710 degrees Celsius high temperature in the Smelting furnace. The impurity substance and exhaust gas within the molten aluminum can be discharged through degassing , deslagging and refining in order to meet process requirement.

Fitter Casting
Casting is to pour the molten aluminum liquid into the casting mould and transformed into aluminum rod in different size after cold solidification with deep casting system.

Saw Cutting
Cutting requires most of the work force. It is designated to cut the aluminum rod into fixed size in preparing the materials for next tension extrusion.

Extrusion& Hot Rolling
Extrusion & Hot Rolling means the cut aluminum rod is, under the high pressure in the heated tunnel furnace, extruded into proximate matters. Our company is equipped with 2 units of 1200 Ton level Hot rolling lines, the heat of the proximate matter is dissipated in nature.

Cold Rolling
Cold Rolling, also named finish rolling, use hot-rolled coil as basic material to transform them at normal temperature. The thickness and the width of cold-rolled coil is decided by equipment capacity and customer demand. It's a very important process which determine the high accurate of size and low deviation of thickness. The maximum tolerance should be more or less than 0.05mm.

The high pressure of punching machine together with the stamping mould charge on the surface of metal plate, coil or profile, it leads to the transformation or separation of materials and form the aluminum components with shape and size determined, this process is called Stamping. Our company is also equipped with automatic load & unload system on the stamping line in order to minimize the processing time and increase the revolving rate.

The objective of annealing is to reduce the hardness and to increase the tractility of aluminum slugs stamped. Our company can control the hardness of aluminum within 16-20HB after annealing.

Inspect the purity ,hardness and dimension of aluminum slugs to control the quality of finished products.

Product Package:

Why Choose Us?
Price    :We have our own factory and competitive advantage on the market;
Quality   :Over 10 years' experience in aluminum products industry;
                6 years' Alibaba Golden Supplier;
                Stable quality approved by test report;
                Quality with SGS & ISO approval;
Service  :Quick service ready on 24 hours 7 days a week;
                Quickest delivery in Eastern China;
Location:Our factory located near Shanghai Airport and Shanghai Port.

Contact Us:
Please contact us if you have further inquiry, we will reply you within 24 hours as soon as possible. 
Markets: North America,Eastern Asia
L/T: 10-15days
Al Content (%): 99.7%
Grade: 1000 Series
Alloy: Non-alloy
Temper: O - H112
Type: Aluminum Slug
Application: Impact Extrusion for Tube
Shape: as You Request
Surface Treatment: Tumbling
Technique: Extrusion& Hot Rolling,Cold Rolling
Shanghai Lvding Trading Company Limited

Shanghai Lvding Trading Company Limited is the subsidiary of Shanghai Miracle Creation Metal Products Co., Ltd. We have been a Chinese professional manufacturer of aluminum slugs, circles, profiles and sheet roll products, since 2003.

Currently we mainly produce material as alloy 1050, 1060, 1070. We also can customize the production of different alloy upon customer request.

Our company employs many of elite staff together for management and production. We carry out production and management systems in accordance with ISO9001, Our product of quality have passed through SGS international certificate. And 8S standards to manufacture high quality products and set up the first-class brand.

There are a total of 250 workers and staff in our factory. Our registered capital is USD1, 123, 000 and our total investment is USD6, 205, 000. Our plant and office site covers a total area of 10, 000 square meters, including 8, 000 square meters of factory buildings,


We have the following workshops and equipment:

A- Smelting burner, refining furnace, and also have eight sets of 700T presses.

B- Casting,

C- Extrusion-lines (Five) that includes

D- Punch machines (25 sets),

E- Anneal-furnace,

F- Anodization Line,

G- Electrophoresis and powder coating sections.

H- Tumble machine (8 sets).

I- Industrial spin-drier (2 sets).

Inspection equipment for quality assurance: Action Spectrum analysis equipment imported from Germany.

Annual production capacity exceeds 12, 000 metric tons.

Environmental Protection: We have a highly efficient and environmentally protective fuel recycle reverberatory casting burner made with Japanese advanced technology in the field.

Meanwhile, we have a top heat-horizontal founding and refining furnace in type manufacturing equipment.

We have added in early 2008 one 900T new extrusion-production line.

Anodizing and electrophoresis production line are imported from Taiwan. Powder coating production line is imported from Japan.

Product advantages:

Suit for cold-extrusion and deep-Drawing technology for our end customer...

Our product meets strict COSMETIC ALUMINUM TUBE requirements and specifications (e. g. Lipstick tube and cosmetic tube) for COMPLETE oxidation or Atomization.

Lead Times and Delivery

We work double shifts at our factory for quick output of orders.

We can deliver 1 X 20T - 20' Container from order confirmation and payment alternative accepted to L/C 15-30 days maximum after shipment.

Strategic Location

We are 20km away from Pudong International Airport, and 10km away from Yangshan Deep-Water Port (Shanghai loading port), Close to S2 the National Highway, we enjoy a great geographical location and convenient transportation access to the main port of Shanghai.

Scientific Support

Our company executive top management works closely with our engineering staff for introduction of new improvements and advances in technology. We also reserve talent-oriented students and cooperate with national colleges.

Our Markets

We are currently selling to:

America, Mexico, Germany, Japan, England, UAE, Spain, Indonesia, Colombia, India, Syria ARAB REPUBLIC, Russia, Brazil, Iran

We are looking forward to establishing good business relationship with you, we also would like to expand your business market under our exertion in the future!

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