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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products: Casting Machine, Rolling Mill, Continuous Casting and Rolling, Stranding Machines, Wire Drawing Machines, Melting Furnace, Extruding Line
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products: Steel Castings, Slag Pots, Ingot Molds, Slag Ladles, Iron Castings, Metallurgical Machinery, Girth Gears, Cement and Mining Machinery Parts, Welding Fabrication, Steel Buildings and Bridges Construction
Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company
Main Products: Forging, Shaft, Casting, Investment Casting, Forged, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Die Casting, Die Casting, Steel Forging
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Products: Copper Rod Ccr, Continuous Casting and Rolling Lines, Copper Wire Drawing Machine, Continuous Lead Sheathing Extruder, Aluminum or Aluminum Alloy Rod Ccr, Continuous Extrusion, Wire and Cables Equipments, Frhc, Aluminumor Alloy Drawing Machine, Tubular Stranders

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